Official Freedom Survival Server Rules

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We want you to enjoy your time here on Freedom Survival, but we do have rules that all players and staff must abide by; including the owner and myself.
Please read over these carefully as they are here for you so that you can have an enjoyable gaming experience.

I: Foul Language And Spam

We are a PG rated server. That said, we do accept players of all ages. We would prefer if you did not swear in public chat. Racism, harassment and sexism will not be tolerated. In addition to the general server rules we also have rules specific to public/private chat messages. The detailed chat rules can be found here: Public Chat Rules.

This also extends to your player skin and IGN. If either is inappropriate, we will ask you to change it immediately. Please respect that we accept players from “all walks of life”, and some players may find things offensive that to you are not. You will be asked once to change the offensive skin or IGN, failure to do so will result in a perma ban until the change is made.

Please use English in public chat. Not everyone is fluent in other languages. Private messages are another matter and any language is allowed there.

Spamming chat is considered a nuisance to all players so please don’t spam the chat. The server will warn you if you repeatedly spam chat and you run the risk of being banned because of it.

II: Respecting Other Players

Please be respectful of other players and staff members. No inciting arguments, attempting to flame-baiting, or trolling players. Trade scamming is not allowed in any way/shape/form. Builds considered inappropriate are not allowed and will be removed and the player(s) responsible will be punished. Please do not copy skins or make similar IGNs to other players or staff members.

III: No Advertising Or Poaching Players

Advertising other servers by any method or any attempts to poach players/staff is not allowed. Any player attempting this will be banned. New players that log on and immediately advertise/poach are permanently banned.

This also applies to if/when you play on other servers - do not advertise Freedom on another server or attempt to poach players from it.

IV: Modified Clients & Duplicating

Any player using a modified client to gain an advantage will be banned and all valuables will be confiscated. This also extends to using known Minecraft exploits.

Modified clients that are not permitted include but are not limited to:
• Forge/LiteLoader/Wurst
• World Downloader in any version
• Any other mod that is NOT Optifine

Any player, and/or any other player involved that are found to be duplicating items will be banned with all valuables confiscated.

V: Griefing Or Raiding

Griefing is defined as modifying someone else’s build/base without permission, or killing their mobs/pets without permission. Raiding is defined as stealing from chests that are not yours. Neither of which is allowed. If you are trusted on another player’s claim(s) and you then proceed to grief/raid them, you can still be punished. Punishments will vary depending on the damage caused.

If the build(s) in question has NOT been claimed, raiding is allowed. However, you MUST ask permission from a mod before doing so. This is because some players may of not had enough claim blocks at the time to completely claim it all, may not understand how to claim land, or for any other reasons. Griefing/raiding with the sole intention of just to destroy a players build however, is not allowed. Punishments will vary depending of the damage caused.

VI: Passive/Hostile/Crop Farms & Redstone Contraptions

In order to keep the server running smoothly and so that all players have a good gaming experience, please keep entities to 45 or below per chunk. Lag machines are any builds that generate unnecessary use of the server resources or lower the FPS. You must take this into consideration when building your farms/Redstone contraptions.

Fully automatic farms or auto killing designs are allowed, but must be server friendly. We do have more detailed rules regarding these types of farms and any Redstone contraptions can be found in the #redstone-rules channel.

VII: Asking Staff For Teleport Requests

We have /TPA enabled, so there is no need to ask us for teleport requests. We do have a random teleport also in the Warp Room. At Official Voting Rank, you will also get access to /wild.

VIII: Claiming Land And Claiming Near Other Players

There is nothing wrong in claiming near players but do be mindful of your neighbour's. Intentionally building walls, blocking in/surrounding another player’s claims with your own or purely claiming to ruin the surrounding area will not be allowed and you run the risk of your claims/builds being removed.

Claims expire after 60 days, if they are not within 300 blocks from Spawn/warps. Claims at Spawn/Warps expire after 30 days. If you are going to be away for any reason beyond these timeframes, YOU MUST notify a staff member so that we are aware. This does not mean you can notify us and then not return for a long period of time (4+ Months) without extenuating circumstances. Long periods of absence are dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and we may deem your claim to be expired if we believe it is abandoned.

We also have no objections with you trying to create a player based town/city. However, any player who wishes to join your town/city must own the claim and you must build it a minimum of 1000 blocks away from any warp or 2000 blocks away from spawn. (I will add some FAQ’s regarding player run towns/cities and update as necessary)

With claims within 300 blocks of all warps/spawn, you may only claim IF you intend to use it. You may NOT; (1) claim a warp as your own by claiming around the admin claim, (2) claim land with no intention of using it, or (3) claim near the warp/spawn for the sole intention of selling off the land at a later date. Following up on number 3: If you attempt to sell a claim near a warp/spawn, we will immediately transfer the claim to the intended buyer and you will not receive any payment.

IX: Nickname Requests

Any player who has the Donation Rank, may ask for a nickname change once per day. We just ask that you don't abuse this be asking every day. Players who have donated for Premium or above are able to change their own nickname. They may do so on their own once per 24hrs.

X: Staff Have Final Say On The Rules

The staff team is here to help you, they are normal players just like yourself who volunteer their time to help make the server run smoothly. We ask that you treat them with respect just like you would treat any other player. At the end of the day staff has the final say on if a rule was broken, please respect their decision.

These rules are subject to changes and will be updated as needed.
An announcement will be made if/when a change is made.
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