leopardgaming27's ban appeal :(

Your In-Game Name: leopardgaming27
The Person Who Banned You: KnightOfCourage
Reason For Your Ban: "x-raying"
Duration of Ban: 10 days
Why You Feel You Should Be Unbanned:

I have been banned from freedom survival for "x-ray is not allowed on this server".
I was not x-raying.
I have owned minecraft since 2012 and consider hacking unthinkable.
Hacking is just a way of lazy players getting an advantage over hard working players through modification of the game.
Firstly I deny ever even looking up how to hack on google and secondly I deny playing with any kind of modified game.
The only difference between my game and anyone else's is my ign and the 2 extra resource packs I own: Faithful x32 and code crafted (a cleaner redstone pack thing).

I believe the reason I was banned was something to do with lava and water. I was digging near lava because from my experience diamonds are often located near there and
I spotted some. I tried to dig out some blocks around them and the water turned the lava to obsideon. I think it's probable that your staff member saw me looking in the direction of the diamonds after the obsideon re-formed and thought i was looking through the blocks or somthing.

I would like to make it clear that I am not implying any kind of dislike towards knightofcourage (The member who banned me) and I am sure it was an honest mistake.

Thankyou for your time

(I provided screenshots
to show my vanilla-game)


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