jamie_minecraft_ ban appeal


Your In-Game Name: jamie_minecraft_
The Person Who Banned You: royster007
Reason For Your Ban: x-raying 1st offence
Duration of Ban: 10 days
Why You Feel You Should Be Unbanned:
I do not wish to be unbanned as I know now that even if I didn't x-ray, it is still my responsibility, however i do feel that it is unfair for you to remove my valuables (excluding diamonds) as to my knowledge there is no way of x-raying them. i just feel that because i was banned for x-raying other items should not be taken from me. i also would like to ask if their is a way that I could try to prove to you that I didn't x-ray. please reply soon.


i know that it says to be patient but it has been a week and my ban is nearly over and i would really like to know if i can get all my stuff back (except diamonds) especially my netherite block which u can check i blew up tunnels to get and also my armour and pick which were gifts from exiled bull. please respond soon


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Apologies for the late reply!

At this point, your ban has already expired. However, when it comes to x-raying bans, it's standard protocol to remove valuables regardless of their source. We cannot verify how you came about every tool or item of worth, so it's typically generalized as the punishment for x-raying (per the Server Warning/Ban Information thread).


ok but you should be able to verify my netherite. and posibly me armour / tools
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