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  1. Royster

    ban appeal for no_one8429 (updated (updated))

    Hi, So your message implies that you had an X-Ray texture pack active and comparing the difficulty of it, means that it was hard to and you were shaking your head because of this. That is what I am getting from your message. The fact you are admitting this, even with having it active and not...
  2. Royster

    ban appeal for no_one8429 (updated (updated))

    Please follow appeals template. Ban Appeal Template: Please fill in the below details as it shows on the screen when you try to log in: Your In-Game Name: The Person Who Banned You: Reason For Your Ban: Duration of Ban: Why You Feel You Should Be Unbanned:
  3. Royster

    Ban appeal for purpleman199

    Hey, It wasn't just for that im afraid. You wanted to tp to a player and decided to split each word into one message. {player name}, let, me, tp, to. All these were individual messages in a very short time. This is spamming. This is a final warning on this. You will be unbanned this time but...
  4. Royster

    Ban appeal for Deadly debate

    Hi, If I had of known that the day before, you were told by another staff member to stop breeding large amount of dogs, yet you decided to do it the next day, The ban would have been longer. Your comments on Discord as well, where you thought it was funny are not appreciated. You don't seem to...
  5. Royster

    Ban appeal for Deadly debate

    Please appeal using the correct format. Thanks
  6. Royster

    Freedom Survival 1.16.2 Update

    Hey All, I'm now happy to announce that we are ready to start plans to update to 1.16.2. I have been busy making sure things are tested and working. I am planning to commence the update on Friday 4th September. The Server will be unavailable from 1pm EST (6pm GMT) till about 5pm EST (10pm GMT)...
  7. Royster

    Surprise 1.15.2 Update

    Hi All, I decided to spring a surprise on you all. I've updated the Server to 1.15.2. This was mainly a bug fixing update from 1.14.4 but with the new addition of BEES. So I guess its more of a "buzzing" update (yeah, that's the best pun I can do). I have also expanded the borders of the...
  8. Royster

    Veejogo's ban appeal

    Hi VeeJoGo, Unfortunately, It wasnt the only thing that you took. You also removed a handful of noteblocks as well as the repeaters. What you dont understand is those noteblocks were set up in a noteblock song as well. So you ruined a players time and effort to get those noteblocks to work in...
  9. Royster

    Re-Claiming Donation Heads For Overlord, Sovereign & Loki

    Hey All, I have uploaded the previous 12 months of donation heads on the store. These are the free ones that come with either your Overlord, Sovereign or Loki Ranks. Please Note: You MUST make sure that your inventory is EMPTY before claiming them. We WILL NOT replace any heads from these if...
  10. Royster

    1.14 Update/Reset

    Edit: Your shulker boxes must be in by Wednesday 11pm (6pm EST) After this time, you will not be able to access them till after the reset. Thanks Royster
  11. Royster

    1.14 Update/Reset

    Hey All, This is the announcement you've all been waiting for. I can now say that the server will be updating to 1.14 on Friday 19th. All the times given are based on my timezone (BST). The plan is to carry this out at 12pm (Midday) and I aim to have it completed in a few hours. As you know...
  12. Royster

    Official Freedom Survival Server Rules

    We want you to enjoy your time here on Freedom Survival, but we do have rules that all players and staff must abide by; including the owner and myself. Please read over these carefully as they are here for you so that you can have an enjoyable gaming experience. I: Foul Language And Spam We...
  13. Royster

    Server Warning/Ban Information

    ** Your account is your own responsibility! We have no way of knowing who is playing on it. ** ** If you allow others to play on it and they break a rule of the server, then it is your account that will be held responsible. ** Bypassing bans using an alt account is not allowed. If you are found...
  14. Royster

    Redstone Rules

    Freedom Survival Redstone Rules DISCLAIMER: We, the staff team, will work to keep you, the players, regularly updated on any tweaks to the Redstone rules, but please also check the rules for any changes that have been made! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any staff member...
  15. Royster

    Freedom Staff Team

    Current Staff Team Owner Roy (Royster007) Admin Shan (Shancakes) Moderators Chrissy (Chrisea) Knight (KnightOfCourage) Stoner (Herr_Stoner) Andrue (Andrue4) Bren (Ole_Bren) Tabby (Tabukat) Assistant Moderators None Trainee Moderators None Builders Tabby (Tabukat)...
  16. Royster

    Rank Information

    Special Event Donation Ranks All donation ranks entitle you to a nickname. These are the Special Event ranks that are/have been available on the server. They are only available for a limited time. Viking $9.99 Donation 2018 Asgard Rank - No Longer Available Asgardian $24.99 Donation 2018...
  17. Royster

    Rank Information

    Limited Edition Donation Ranks All donation ranks entitle you to a nickname. These are the Limited Edition ranks that are/have been available on the server. They are both limited in quantity and the time available. Founder $9.99 Donation Special Rank For The First 50 Donators - No Longer...
  18. Royster

    Rank Information

    Permanent Donation Ranks All donation ranks entitle you to a nickname. Permanent rank donations are cumulative, meaning that if you donate for Donator you will receive a $4.99 discount off of the higher donation ranks listed below. This discount only applies to the Permanent donation ranks, it...
  19. Royster

    Rank Information

    Voting Ranks The Steve rank lists what you start out with when you first join, all other ranks list the rewards for reaching that rank. The ranks are shown in the colors they are in game, or as close as possible. For any ranks with white in them I have displayed them below with black just for...
  20. Royster

    Ban Appeals Info: Please Read Before Appealing/Replying

    While we don't like to ban players from having fun on the server, Sometimes this has to be done because for whatever reason, the rules were broken. All bans for rule breaking can be appealed so below are our ban appeal rules and the ban appeal template. Please fill this in correctly as it will...