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  • Hey everyone...I guess I will say this but-YOU ALL ARE MY FRIENDS AND I LOVE HAVING YOU GUYS, Thanks for caring about me even when I've been such an annoyance to the server...Thanks!
    If Orange is an impostor and vents into admin and throws a knife at close range but it wobbles all over the place which may miss, does it miss or does it land inside of green?

    I am bored lol, and the answer is:

    It doesn't miss, because Orange is a pro at among us lol! By the way, if you ever play with me,
    I am: "PRO T" always in Among Us...Nothing new
    Bad News Lately: My mom is thinking about getting rid of the computer Xtk and I share because of his attitude and if that ever happens, tell everyone on the server and could you save our claims forever please? We may come on in the future as well...Idk yet...
    Hey guys, I have been bored lately...I have had time to come on the server and play on me and Xtk's computer;however, I've been into Among Us lately, plus I dont have patience for the loading of how much 10% maybe or more slower for minecraft to load than other computers so yeah sorry about that guys! 👍
    Oof Xtk has been mad lately, and our mom might get rid of his computer ;-; can't let that happen...Otherwise he won't be back on but save our claims then, but yeah hopefully not and Stoner, have you unclaimed my claim yet and set it to my claim? Well anyways just leave it then...
    Listen up guys, My mom said her computer that is acting up lately will be for the family and I might get a new account so I will have it transferred on there, and by the way, Yeah have a nice day!
    Well, lately I have been more addicted to among us now so sorry guys! I have been so distracted that I have forgotten about my account...If I don't get it back ever, I will make a new one and anyways cya!
    I bet no one even reads what I say, but I will make a fanart with people I know on the server!!! It will be all of us together ^^ Idk, I've been bored lately, so yeah! Hope to see you all soon! Oh wait nvm you can't comment lol!
    Hey everyone, I am going to make a fanart of everyone on the server of our skins since I don't know what you all look like so yeah, you will like it...
    I am back at school, except I have online school again until January 25th, yay I get to relax at home...And yeah, me and Xtk take turns going on now so yeah yay!
    Is anyone here a late night person? I AM! My highest record is only getting about an hour and a half to two hours of sleep...
    If you are new here,join this server and vote for it!!! It helps the server and would most likely make Royster proud for making such an awesome server!!! I didn’t know what to say since I am bored lol XD!
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